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Certifications and Company policies

Our distinctive features:

  • Superior quality of products and services
  • Competitive prices
  • The widest choice of binding and punching machines
  • Wide choice of wire: 25 different colours, 12 diameters and 3 pitches
  • Prompt delivery thanks to huge productive power.

Our Attitude Toward Quality

For providing top quality products Rilecart has been rewarded with the prestigious ISO 9001 Certificate. Although a very important award, we consider it only a step in the continuous quality development process of our company.

Our Strategic Vision

We increase effectiveness and efficiency of printed communication:

  • Specialising in binding
  • Promoting the quality of our products and of our customers
  • Designing and manufacturing highly specialised, easy to use and productive machines

We consider know-how and customer satisfaction as key competitive assets:

  • Trying everyday to learn more
  • As part of a long term vision, we consider our customers as partners
  • Designing tailored economically sound solutions