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Linea 800

F800 - Electric punching machine and electric closing machine 800 mm. width

Linea 800

With the widest punching length on the market, F-800 E.S. can satisfy even the most unusual requirements, allowing top performances in highly profitable markets. Due to the exceptionally strong punching power it is possible to punch thick cardboard, high blocks of sheets and even aluminium (with proper lubrication). Equipped with the punching tools Easy Setting and with the new “energy saving technology”.

How does it works: 

Punching with the F-800 is very easy: the operator simply has to insert the paper to be punched under the carter and press the footswitch to punch. All punch pins are disconnectable from the front without taking out the tools from the machine, simply unscrewing a screw.

Binding is an easy thing with the P-800: the operator only needs to insert manually the wire (and eventually the hanger) into the punched book, place it under the closing device and press the footswitch.


Electric Punching Machine F800

  • Maximum Punching length: 800 mm.
  • Maximum Punching thickness depending on the length of the item to punch: with 800 mm. length = 2,5 mm. with 600 mm. length = 4 mm. with 400 mm. length = 5 mm.
  • Distance from the punching edge adjustable from 2 mm. up to 6 mm. (depending on tool being used).
  • Footswitch controlled.
  • Accepts punching bars of 300 mm., 200 mm. and 100 mm., singly, doubly or in combination with 200 mm. thumb-cut punching bars, up to 800 mm. maximum length, in the same pitch.
  • Maximum output: up to 1000 punchings/hour, depending on materials used and skills of operator.
  • Wide range of punching tools available, including tool for plastic-coils holes.
  • Available optional adapter for old (not E.S.) and special tools.

Electric Closing Machine P800

  • Maximum closing length: 800 mm.
  • Footswitch controlled.
  • Adjustable for closing any diameter.
  • Maximum output: 1000 pieces depending on materials used and skills of operator.
Technical Specifications: 

Electric Punching Machine F800

  • 380/400 V 3-phase 50/60 Hz; 3 Kw
  • H 1100 x D 800 x L 1200 mm.
  • 485 Kg

Electric Closing Machine P800

  • 380/400 V 3-phase 50/60 Hz; 1 Kw
  • H 1100 x D 800 x L 1200 mm.
  • 485 Kg

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