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Metal wirebinds


WIREBIND International
World Leader in Wire Binding System.

Double loop WireBind Rilematic® are manufactured by special forming machines specifically designed by Rilecart R & D department.

This allows us to have an advanced know-how of the production process, with the net result of a superior quality product. This in turns means:

  • Full compliance with productive requirements for automatic and semiautomatic binding machines.
  • Superior aesthetic with appealing and elegant finishes.

Our remarkable productive cycles allow us prompt delivery in the 12 different diameters and in the different available colours (for a total of 240 items!).

To ensure best quality, we use only the best material available on the market. We sell the wire in spools, in customer defined lengths and sin standard office boxes. We also manufacture hooks for calendars of any size from 6 to 50 cm in the same colours and material of the wire binds, and in 6 different models: “Little”, “Big”, “Special”, “Tall”, “Euro”, “Right”. Hooks are also available on rolls in the same lengths (from 7 to 50 cm) and in the same models.

WireBind Rilematic® Wire provides:

  • The widest selection of diameters
  • The widest selection of colours
  • The widest selection of calendar hangers
  • Supply of pre cut of any size (starting from 3 holes)
  • Standard office A4 and A5 supplies in all colours