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History of Rilecart

History of Rilecart

Rilecart was founded in 1960 by Daniele Pesenti Pigna, already owner of the Cartiere Paolo Pigna S.p.A, an established and well known company in the paper manufacturing industry. From its inception, the Founder strives towards innovation, supporting the development of a new type of punching machine. The outcome of this drive was the production of a superior quality wire bind and the complete control of all production elements.

The growing spread of the system and the demand for automation persuade Rilecart to include, besides the end product, the production of the manufacturing machinery in its range of activities. The design process is driven by an in depth knowledge of the problems faced by binders with whom Rilecart can establish a symbiotic relationship. Rilecart understands the need for simple and reliable solutions as well as the need to follow step by step each client during his growth, providing him with a wide spectrum of solutions for all possible production volumes. The success of this approach spreads across the world and Rilecart embarks on a sizeable international expansion.


ITALIA - Rilecart Group Headquarters

On the back of this success, Rilecart established a strong network of dealers and the opening of offices in Great BritainSingapore and the US during the 80s and 90s. To emphasise what has become a truly global scenario, Rilecart adopts the “Wirebind International” logo. At the same time, the firm introduces quality control procedures, driving the organisation and the production technologies employed to unmatched performance and reliability levels.

Nowadays, through a consolidated network of dealers and local offices, the company is an industry wide leader, representing one of the most dynamic and innovative realities in the mechanical binding sector.

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Quality certification100%
Production technologies100%
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Meet the team

Enrico Donghi

Administration Officer

Francesca Regazzoni

Export Area Manager

Nicola Bonavia

Operational and Commercial Manager

Sara Codoni

Operative administration and commercial manager

Manuela Acerbis

Operative administration and commercial manager

Massimo Epis

Wirebind Production Manager

Mauro Algeri

Warehouse Manager

Giovanni Zambelli

Machinery Production Manager

Ivan Monzani

Design and Development of Electronic Components