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Technical assistance

of new machines
for all customers
Ready to help

Rilecart strives towards allowing you to make best use of the machines and efficiently carry out normal operations such as tool and formats change. Our technical staff is available for the installation of new machines and for training of your technicians at your company, and always available to host you for refresher courses at our workshops.
In case of technical problems or parts worn out by normal use, we will be happy first of all to assist you by phone free of charge. Our machines are very simple and reliable; for this reason it is easy to identify the problem, and it is just as easy to change the part, for example a belt or a piercing tool. The spare parts will be sent to you in the shortest possible time, thanks to our considerable stock, also if for older machines. In case of particular problems our Repair Service, comprising both internal and certified technicians, is ready to help you directly and quickly. A quick service for the adjustment and sharpening of piercing tools or piercing groups, and also for office machines is available.

Commercial Assistance

workflow planning
complete assistance
calculation of rings and thickness
Tracking of your deliveries

Our internal commercial staff and local agents are at your service to:

  • Show you the best machine combination for your activities
  • Suggest upgrading or downgrading
  • Suggest the correct work flow planning
  • Keep you updated on product and market trends

We also provide:

  • Complete assistance and professionalism throughout the entire order processing stage
  • Correct calculation of rings and thickness for your product
  • Information on delivering time in case of products out of stock
  • Cost estimates
  • Tracking of your deliveries
  • Complete assistance for any problem that may arise

Used machine assistance

Rilecart’s machines are well known for their resistance. We are always happy to evaluate and price up quickly and free of charge complete or partial revisions of your used product. These revisions can lead to a complete remake of electronics, as well as the upgrading of security standards. We are also available to discuss purchasing your used machines or suggest complete or partial permutation with new machines.