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FAR 5-55

Fully automatic punching machine

FAR 5-55

Far 5/55 has been developed for fast punching of loose sheets in large quantities with any size and type of holes required for the different binding systems: wires, spiral, plastic combs. 
The Far 5/55 machine has been designed and manufactured with the utmost care in order to achieve top standard reliability and a long working life. 
Change over of the tools is very fast and safe.

How does it works: 

Far 5/55 can be fed continuously with material of variable thickness (paper and/or light cardboard). 
Sheets are safely picked-up by an apposite device in bunches of 1,5/2 mm. each time, centred and then punched with precision and accuracy. 
The sheets are solidly shift by four transport belts into the punching area where they are registered by a special device and then punched. Punched materials are preserved in numerical sequence and collected on a conveyor separately driven, in shingle style, so that the further procedure in made easier.

  • Maximum thickness per stroke: 2,5 mm. (standard 1,5 mm.).
  • Maximum punching size: 550 x 550 mm.
  • Minimum punching size: 160 mm. (on punching side) x 120 mm.
  • Speed: adjustable up to 120 strokes/minute.
  • Punching distance from the edge: adjustable up to 40 mm. max.
  • Wide range of punching tools available, including tool for plastic-coils holes.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power Supply: 240 V single phase 50/60 Hz
  • Power Drive: 3 Kw.
  • Size: L 3200 x D 760 x H 1200 mm.
  • Weight: 1250 Kg


  • GF-55/3G: 3:1” pitch, three 3,7 x 4,0 mm. hole/inc., 550 mm. punching length, including thumb cut for hanger application.
  • GF-55/3: 3:1” pitch, three 3,7 x 4,0 mm. hole/inc., 550 mm. punching length. Suitable when using 5/16”, 3/8” and 7/16” wires.
  • GF-55/2: 2:1” pitch, two 4,7 x 5,0 mm. hole/inc., 550 mm. punching length. Suitable when using 5/8” and 3/4″ wires.

Any other shape of punching bars may be supplied on request.