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Automatic Book Binding Machine for Big Diameters


The R-422 has been designed to improve the quality in binding big sizes. Its special pincers shaped tools guarantee a better production speed and roundness of the wire with no equal.

How does it works: 

The operator inputs pitch, diameter and number of loops into the computer. He then places the product into the binding section and presses the footswitch. The machine automatically unwinds the spool, cuts the length in the required number of loops and carries it on a magnetic oscillating arm. This “feeding arm” places each length onto the lower part of the binding tool, where it is securely held by a set of microteeth. The R-422 then closes the lower and upper tool in a pincers-like movement. The twin wire comb is pushed into the holes of the product and simultaneously closed. This result in fast efficient binding of superior quality including work containing big diameters as well as when sheets are not perfectly aligned.

  • Uses wires on spools with diameters from 1/4” to 1” for a maximum binding thickness of 24 mm.
  • Maximum binding length: 420 mm.
  • Minimum binding length: 50 mm.
  • Each diameter uses dedicated binding tools.
  • Machine speed is over 1500 cycles per hour. Effective productivity depends on operator skill and products’ features.
  • Bending device for wire comb tails (only on pitch 2:1”).
  • Binding tool specific for each diameter.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power supply: 240 V single phase 50/60 Hz
  • Power drive: 2 Kw
  • Compressed air supply: 8 Atm – 5 mc/hour
  • Size: L 2400 x H 1400 x D 1500
  • Approx. Weight: 450 Kg