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R-800 T.S.

Semiautomatic Large Calendars Binding Machine

R-800 T.S.

This is the only semiautomatic machine in the world specifically built for binding the biggest calendars and planners up to 800 mm. in length. This specialist calendar machine allows the operator to achieve top levels of productivity with difficult products. Tool that are easy to change allow quick turn around times.

How does it works: 

The operator inputs the required diameter, pitch, number of loops per length and amount of lengths into the computer. The machine automatically unwinds the spool, counts and cuts the wire and carries the lengths to the binding area. The operator puts the pre-punched calendar (or other product) onto the table and presses the footswitch. The table collects the calendar by means of a bar and carries it to the binding station, where the spiral is inserted and closed by means of a shaped tool (each diameter has its own specific tool). During this operation a hanger can be optionally, automatically inserted. With narrow diameters (3/16” and 1/4”) it is possible to lock the table and locate the product directly into its binding position. All the operations are controlled by a microprocessor with a memory of up to 50 working sequences. During operation, every phase is displayed on the screen.

  • Uses wires on spools with diameters from 3/16” to 9/16” in pitches 3:1”, 2:1” and 4:1” for maximum binding thickness of 11,5 mm. (check thickness table).
  • Maximum binding lengths: 800 x 1000 mm. (32 x 40 inches).
  • Minimum binding lengths: 100 x 80 mm. (4 x 3 inches).
  • Specific tools for each diameter.
  • Max speed: 1000 cycles per hour. Effective speed depends on operator’s skill and features of product to be bound.
  • Programmed binding for one length, or two identical wire for wall calendars, or “skips” up to five lengths.
  • The machine operates electrically and pneumatically and must be connected to a compressed air supply.
  • Special side lay to facilitate the binding of books with overhanging cover.
  • Automatic Hanger Feeder 70 mm.
  • Semiautomatic Hanger Feeder 100-450 mm.
  • Double Automatic Hanger Feeder 70 mm.
  • Hanger Former 100-450 mm.
  • Remote assistance module.
Technical Specifications: 
  • 220 V single phase 50/60 Hz; 2Kw
  • 6 Atm – 200 lt/min.
  • H 1500 x D 1000 x L 2700 mm.
  • 600 Kg.